26 Aug

Evil, evil, evil clown zippers!!!

Episode 7 – in the bag!

Hyper puppy, evil clown zippers, week from hell for one of us, coming out of the yarn-closet time for the other one, and a bunch of other stuff…..

Say what you will – we stick by this: clown zippers are evil!



Note: we are now on iTunes!

Note 2: We do use some “words” sometimes, so check where your children are… Where are the kids again dammit????

Download the mp3 from the net (without using iTunes).
(right-click on the link and “save link as” will download the mp3 to your computer)

Patterns mentioned:

Central Park Hoodie
Nubby Dishcloth
Sugar Plum Washcloth
TKGA Level 1 master’s program

Our pinterest fabric-boards are filled with bag-sewing tutorials:

You can see our yarny FOs here: pandorra7  &  photospice

Yarns mentioned:

hmmmm – didn’t mention any yarns this time around…

Books/Magazines mentioned:

50 Shades of Grey part 2
Gilbert Gotfried reading 50 shades of grey
5 secrets you must discover before you die

Other stuff mentioned:

Annual Dishcloth Swap|
Bag Challenge – the official thread
Intarsia Mystery (it’s not Fair Isle, but Intarsia)
Sandra Backlund (weird stuff!)
Baker’s Dozen Group
Michele’s blog about the boy
Jill Steeking:
This is the finished project. And here she is CUTTING it (OK – you may call it steeking):

I still have to take some pics of the weird Vogue models – coming soon!


The Skeins

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