4 Apr

Episode 46 – Don’t you point your staple gun at me young lady!

Over Skype: yarns, snaps, 10 most hated, and some other stuff…



Note: we are now on iTunes!

Note 2: We do use some “words” sometimes, so check where your children are… Where are the kids again dammit????

Download the mp3 from the net (without using iTunes).
(right-click on the link and “save link as” will download the mp3 to your computer)

Yarn stuff mentioned:

Lulu socks
Washington Square sweater
Knitted Baby Onesie
Very Pink Toe-up socks

You can see our yarny FOs here: pandorra7 & photospice 

Our top 10 HATED yarns (yeah, it only adds up to 7 due to overlap) :

(in no particular order)
VH Sheepish (splits like hell)
Noro (Kureyon and Silk Garden)
Fun Fur (by itself)
Deborah Norville (nice quality, but most colors are aweful)
Homespun (can’t find stitches when crocheting)
RH SS Peruvian (not all RH SS, just the Peruvian print color way)
Rope/Specialty yarns (ouch – the skin of my hands is peeling off)

Current and upcoming challenges/KALs/CALs:

Epic KalCal
Mystery 220

Other stuff mentioned:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Lip-sync battle
Knit with Love (charity)
Knots of Love (charity)

Ravelry thread

The Skeins


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